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Welcome, Hartlik wäljkiimen, Herzlich Willkommen,Hjertlig velkommen, Latscho Diwess

FUEN Congress in the German-Danish border region, 07 – 11 May.

We have every reason to celebrate this year. The annual congress of FUEN, which will take place from 07–11 May in Nordschleswig and Sydslesvig, is essentially part of a bigger jubilee in the German-Danish border region.

In the wake of the celebrations on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the German-Austrian-Danish war of 1864, FUEN will celebrate its own 65th anniversary and will demonstrate that minority work has a peace-making effect.

Next to topical issues concerning our approximately 90 member organisations from all over Europe, the congress will also take the participants on a historical journey along the tracks of 1864. Back then, there was a bitter war driven by excessive nationalism. Nowadays, the region and its four local minorities (Germans, Danes, Frisians and Sinti & Roma) is a model for minority policy throughout Europe.
On 9 May, Europe Day will be celebrated, remembering the foundation of the Council of Europe and the establishment of the European Union. Since then, Europe and the EU have been constantly changing and evolving, but whereto: does the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize aim at a Europe of the Regions or is it moving towards becoming a super power?

The development and the future of Europe will be illuminated by a prominent speaker and discussed with the members.

Furthermore, there is reason for pleasure, dance, singing and being happy. FUEN will celebrate its 65th anniversary and will invite all of you to a splendid gala evening with the cheerful sounds from the Eurovision Song Contest.

Please save the date (07–11 May 2014) in your calendar.

We look forward to an eventful and exciting congress and to your active involvement!

07. May, Arrival
08. May, Opening in Flensborg/Flensburg
09. May, Europe Day in Sonderburg/Sønderborg
10. May, Assembly of Delegates and 65 years of FUEN Gala Evening

Venue: Hotel des Nordens

Пресс релизы