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Let's get loud to mute hate! Campaign against hate speech

Mute Hate Speech! With this slogan, FUEN is launching a campaign against hate speech in the coming year. This type of discrimination is unfortunately a major problem in football stadiums, but also in everyday life - minorities in particular are far too often victims.

The campaign aims to link the concerns of minorities, FUEN and EUROPEADA with UEFA-EURO24 in order to attract as much attention as possible.

Take a look at the campaign trailer:


Hate speech and discrimination against people - whether because of their minority affiliation, religion, ethnic group or another language is unfortunately a problem that affects us all, all over the world. That's why we want to use this as a starting point to produce various campaign videos that tie in with the topic and in this way, in the longer formats, also draw the bow to minorities and their challenges.

To make our voice stronger and louder, we need all of you. We want to find 20 ambassadors who will stand up for "Mute Hate Speech". We want our message to reach many countries in the form of our videos and posters. We would also like the Europeada teams to carry this message and wear the "Mute hate speech" badge during the Europeada.

We are happy to receive suggestions for suitable ambassadors, well-known personalities with a minority background, at info@fuen.org

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