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Memory training with FUEN: Do you already know our Minority Memo?

36 cards, 18 pairs and 3 languages – knowledge on minorities can be packed so easily. From the Bretons in France to the Slovaks in Hungary to the Mariupol Greeks, you can take a playful journey through the diversity of the minority landscape in Europe with our "Minority Memo".

The Minority Memo is packaged in a handy cardboard box so it fits in any handbag. Photo: FUEN

The playing cards feature the traditional costumes of 18 national minorities, drawn with loving attention to detail by Romanian illustrator Maria Surducan. On the enclosed game instructions, in German, English and Russian, the players can read about which minorities are involved and what special components of the respective clothing are called.

"With the Minority Memo, we are pleased to offer for the first time an educational material that brings children in daycare centres and primary schools closer to this often unwieldy topic in a simple way," says project coordinator Bérengère Vogel, who developed the game within the framework of the FUEN Working Group on Education. The target group is both the minority and the majority population. "There are already many brochures. But especially the younger target group we can reach much better with a game like this."

Easy for children: The Minority Memo can be played by children as young as kindergarten age.

We would like to thank the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs, which made this project possible.

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