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Historical compromise between Serbia and Kosovo: trust cannot be ordered by treaty

With pleasure and sympathy, FUEN-President Hans Heinrich Hansen and the Vice-President of the Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), László Borbély, received the news that the negotiators from Serbia and Kosovo had come to an agreement after tough negotiations and brokered by EU High Representative Lady Ashton. The central issue of the historical compromise is the status of the Serbian minority in the Kosovar area, which is inhabited by a majority of Albanians.

“It is good news that the governments have come to an agreement. But now the hard work will start. Reconciliation between minority and majority cannot be ordered by treaty. It will require much effort by all parties to build up mutual trust”, said FUEN-President Hans Heinrich Hansen, who offers FUEN’s support. “The members of FUEN all belong to a minority themselves. I think we have some skills and experience that may be of use in Kosovo.”

The compromise envisages comprehensive autonomy rights for the minority. There was long discussion about the role of the police. Also the official recognition of Kosovo as an independent state by Serbia is still unresolved.

There are around 140,000 Serbs in Kosovo, which has a total population of 1.4 Million. About a third of the Serbian minority lives in the north of the country and the others are dispersed throughout the rest of the country. Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Greece and Cyprus do not recognise the independence of Kosovo. 

However Romania is to change course and recognise the independence of Kosovo: „The decision of Prime Minister Ponta regarding the recognition of Kosovo is a fair one and beneficial for the relationship between Romania and the countries of the EU“, stated László Borbély, President of the Foreign Affairs committee of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies. He recalled, the RMDSZ was the only parliamentary group in the Romanian Parliament to vote at that time in favor of Kosovo independence. 

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